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Lyropteryx Appollonia
Papillons d'éternité (Matthieu Ehrlacher & Tânia Carvalho)

0305 Créditos Matthieu Ehrlacher.JPG

photo (c) Matthieu Ehrlacher

In this concert, Papillons d'éternité find in electronic dance music a starting point for their musical adventure. The instruments played by Tânia Carvalho and Matthieu Ehrlacher, saxophone, eco-ehru, clarinet, shruti box, voice and electronics, make you embrace this new way of experiencing the universe of dance music with a different voice.

Creation and interpretation Papillons d'éternité  (Tânia Carvalho & Matthieu Ehrlacher)

Sound design & technical direction Juan Mesquita

Light Luís Moreira

Production Agência

Co-production Lux Frágil, Estúdio 25

Estúdio 25 is financed by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General of Arts for the biennium 2021-22

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