Por Baixo de Mão (2021)

© André Delhaye

Taking the visual oeuvre of Louise Bourgeois shown at the Serralves Museum as her starting point, along with possible intersections with the choreographer’s creative universe, Tânia Carvalho created the piece ‘Por Baixo de Mão’ [Under hand] and the poem-text:


I have a ghost within who sees me only within

in the dark

there is no outside

great fear and fleeting beauty


with him

he vanishes and I am there


the off-hand beginning

me under his hand

Creation and performance: Tânia Carvalho 

Light: Tânia Carvalho with Mariana Figueiroa 

Live music: Tânia Carvalho 

Recorded Music: Tindersticks Whispering Guns Part 1, 2 and 3 

Residency: Fábrica da criatividade, Município de Castelo Branco

Production: Agência 25